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General History
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Chassis Builders

PDF-246-1: Advanced Chassis Engineering Ltd (ACE) see Ward Dalesman.
: Associated Equipment Company Ltd - A Brief History 1912-1979. Illustrated history 20 pages.

PDF-007-2: Atkinson Vehicles Ltd. (UK Passenger Chassis Production) 1950-1963. Illustrated history.
PDF-007-2: 2nd edition. 15 pages.

PDF-218-1: Bristol Commercial Vehicles Ltd - A Brief History 1908-1983. Illustrated history 20 pages.
PDF-218-1: includes Bristol Tramways & Carriage Company 1908-1955.

PDF-202-1: Crossley Motors Ltd - The Buses: A Brief History 1928-1958. Illustrated history. 40 pages.

PDF-124-1: Gilford Motor Co Ltd - A Brief History 1926-1935. Illustrated history. 18 pages.

PDF-205-1: Gloster-Gardner 6LW Coach Chassis 1933-1934. Illustrated history. 13 pages.
: Great Eastern Railway: Stratford Built Buses: How Did They Work. By Dave Taylor. Illustrated. 23 pages.

PDF-171-1: Guy Motors Ltd - A Brief History 1914-1986. Illustrated history. 15 pages.

PDF-197-1: Jensen Motors Ltd - Light Passenger Chassis 1948-1951. Illustrated history. 20 pages.

PDF-059-2: Karrier Motors Ltd - A Brief History 1908-1948. Illustrated history. 2nd edition. 25 pages.

PDF-128-1: Leyland Motors Ltd. 1896-1988. Illustrated history. 37 pages.

PDF-132-1: The Rowe Hillmaster - PSV Chassis Production 1953-1958. Illustrated history. 10 pages.
PDF-229-1: The Rutland Clipper 1954-1955. Illustrated history. 18 pages.

PDF-213-1: Thornycroft Passenger Chassis  - A Brief History 1902-1948. Illustrated history. 23 pages.

PDF-146-2: Tilling-Stevens 1906-1953. Illustrated history. By Roger Cox, Richard Rosa and Albert Gonzàlez. 2nd edition. PDF-146-2: 92 pages.

PDF-210-1: Vulcan Motor & Engineering Co Ltd - A Brief History 1902-1937. Illustrated history. 17 pages.

PDF-246-1: Ward Dalesman 1981-1984. Illustrated history. 19 pages.
PDF-246-1: Includes ACE Ltd - Puma, Cheetah, Cougar 1985-1991.

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