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General History
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Modes of Transport

PDF-130-1: The Horse Bus (A Brief History) 1662-1932. Illustrated. 21 pages.
PDF-131-1: The Steam Bus (A Brief History) 1833-1923. Illustrated. 15 pages.
PDF-134-1: The Tram Car (A Brief History) 1807-1963. Illustrated 15 pages.
PDF-139-1: The Trolleybus (A Brief History) 1911-1972. Illustrated 13 pages.
PDF-133-1: Early Motorbuses and Services 1896-1986. Illustrated 13 pages.
PDF-200-1: Travelling The Roads - A Brief History of Road Passenger Transport. Illustrated. 59 pages.


PDF-014-1: Lower Mosley Street Bus Station 1928-1973. By Neville Mercer. Illustrated history. 36 pages.

PDF-009-1: South Lancashire Transport 1900-1958. Souvenir Brochure. 18 pages.

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