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PDF-062-2: Tees-side Railless Traction Board Ltd. 1919-1968. Illustrated fleet history. 2nd edition. 31 pages.
PDF-095-1: Todmorden Corporation Transport & Todmorden Joint Omnibus Committee 1907-1971. Illustrated fleet
PDF-095-1: history. 39 pages.
PDF-098-1: Torquay Tramways Co. Ltd. 1907-1934. Illustrated fleet history. 13 pages.

PDF-112-1: Wallasey Corporation Transport 1901-1969. Illustrated fleet history. 46 pages.

PDF-161-2: West Bridgford UDC 1914-1968. Illustrated fleet history. 29 pages.

PDF-058-1: West Hartlepool Corporation Transport 1912-1967. Illustrated fleet history. 41 pages.

PDF-086-1: Wilkinsons Motor Services Ltd. 1919-1967. Illustrated fleet history. 25 pages.
PDF-033-1: Wolverhampton Corporation Transport 1900-1969. Illustrated fleet history. 84 pages.
PDF-033-1: Includes Wolverhampton Tramways Co. Ltd. and
PDF-033-1: Wolverhampton District Electric Tramways Co. Ltd. 1878-1928.

PDF-088-1: Yelloway Motor Services Ltd. 1912-1988. Illustrated fleet history. 66 pages.
PDF-054-2: York Pullman Bus Co. Ltd. 1926-1990. Illustrated fleet history. 2nd edition. 48 pages.
PDF-045-1: Yorkshire (West Riding) Electric Tramways Co. Ltd. 1904-1935. Illustrated fleet history. 17 pages.
PDF-045-1: Includes Wakefield & District Light Railway Co. Ltd. 1904-1905.

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