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The Local Transport History Library publishes these illustrated PDF booklets to a standard format of 7x5 inches, which makes them easier to read on a PC or tablet screen without annoying scrolling. If you are viewing on a mobile phone we recommend you rotate your phone to the horizontal for best results. The booklets should automatically resize to your device. You will need to have the Adobe Reader installed.

The Adobe DC Reader for Windows, Mac Os, iPhone/iPad, Android phones and tablets can be downloaded HERE.

PDF-176-1: Maidstone Corporation Transport 1904-1986. Illustrated fleet history. 53 pages.
PDF-008-1: Manchester Carriage & Tramways Co Ltd 1865-1903. Illustrated fleet history. 21 pages.
Includes brief biography of John Greenwood (1788-1821).

Manchester Corporation Transport Department 1901-1969

PDF-026-2: The Trams 1901-1949. Illustrated fleet history. 2nd edition.  46 pages.
PDF-027-1: The Trolleybuses 1938-1966. Illustrated fleet history. 17 pages.
PDF-077-1: The Buses 1906-1969 - Part 1: 1906-1935. Illustrated fleet history. 50 pages.
PDF-078-1: The Buses 1906-1969 - Part 2: 1936-1950. Illustrated fleet history. 55 pages.
PDF-079-1: The Buses 1906-1969 - Part 3: 1951-1969. Illustrated fleet history. 33 pages.

PDF-073-1: Marfleet’s Coaches Ltd. 1960-1982. Illustrated fleet history. 20 pages.

PDF-016-2: Matlock Cable Tramway 1893-1927. Illustrated history. 2nd edition. 13 pages.
PDF-117-1: Mersey Railway: The Buses 1905-1907. Illustrated fleet history. 7 pages.

PDF-104-2: Merthyr Tydfil Corporation Transport 1924-1986. Illustrated fleet history. 2nd edition. 66 pages. Includes Merthyr Tydfil Electric Traction & Lighting Co. 1901-39; Merthyr Tydfil Transport 1986-89.
PDF-164-1: Metropolitan Railway - The Buses 1927-1929. Illustrated fleet history. 9 pages.

PDF-061-2: Mexborough & Swinton Traction Co. Ltd. 1907-1969. Illustrated fleet history. 2nd edition. 42 pages.

PDF-154-2: Moore Brothers (Kelvedon) Ltd. 1912-1963. Illustrated fleet history. 2nd edition. 32 pages.

PDF-189-1: Morecambe & Heysham Corporation Transport 1909-1974. Illustrated fleet history. 46 pages. Includes Morecambe Tramways Co Ltd 1887-1924; Heysham & District Motors Ltd 1924-1929.

Fleet Histories I-O

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