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The Local Transport History Library publishes these illustrated PDF booklets to a standard format of 7x5 inches, which makes them easier to read on a PC or tablet screen without annoying scrolling. If you are viewing on a mobile phone we recommend you rotate your phone to the horizontal for best results. The booklets should automatically resize to your device. You will need to have the Adobe Reader installed.

The Adobe DC Reader for Windows, Mac Os, iPhone/iPad, Android phones and tablets can be downloaded HERE.

July/August 2020 Update

New publications this update are DEVON GENERAL OMNIBUS & TOURING CO LTD in two parts covering the period to 1970. Part 3 covering the period to 1983 under Western National control is in preparation for a future update. Also ROYAL BLUE AUTOMOBILE SERVICES Part 1 is a complete re-write of the Elliott Bros booklet and covers the fleet in more depth up until its sale to the Tilling Group in 1935. Again, future updates will cover the fleet under Tilling/NBC control until 1986 when the Royal Blue name ceased to be used. Minor updates have been made to the Grey Cars booklet and the Exeter Corporation booklet (mainly text corrections and additional information).

June 2020 Update

New publications for this update are PENNINE MOTOR SERVICES 1925-2014 and LESSER KNOWN COACHBUILDERS 3, plus EZRA LAYCOCK LTD 1905-1972 and a biography of GEORGE SHILLIBEER 1797-1866. Minor updates to Accrington Corporation Steam Tramways Company which has now been combined with Accrington Corporation into one booklet and Thomas Tilling.

May 2020 Update

New publications for this update are THAMES VALLEY TRACTION COMPANY LTD 1915-1971 (Parts 1 & 2). Minor updates include Burnley Corporation Tramways now combined with Burnley & District Tramways 1881-1900 into a single booklet and more photos added, John Fishwick & Sons (2nd edition - text corrections and credits amended), Marfleet’s Coaches (photo credits updated) and Hartlepool Corporation/Borough Transport (text corrections and additional photo).

March/April 2020 Update

New publications are BRIGHTON CORPORATION TRANSPORT 1901-1986 and BIRKENHEAD CORPORATION TRANSPORT 1901-1969.  No minor updates this time.

January/February 2020 Update

New publications for this update are MAIDSTONE CORPORATION TRANSPORT 1904-1986 and ST. HELENS CORPORATION TRANSPORT 1919-1974 along with a brief history of the ASSOCIATED EQUIPMENT COMPANY 1912-1979. Minor updates made to Leicester City Transport (photo credits updated), Sunderland Corporation Transport (caption corrections and layout update), Crosville Motor Services 3 (caption corrections) and Eastbourne Corporation (text and caption corrections).

December 2019 Update

Two new publications this month feature much missed North East independents G & B MOTOR SERVICES 1926-1974 and H. W. HUNTER (SEATON DELAVAL) LTD 1926-1994 along with a small update on Gloucester Corporation Transport (text corrections).

We are always happy to receive corrections, photos and further information for our fleet histories - you can e-mail us at: lth.library@gmail.com