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Terms and Conditions

All photographs offered for sale on the Local Transport History Library Photo Service website, are the copyright of the Local Transport History Library and are sold for personal use only.

You are prohibited from reproducing any photograph purchased from this website by copying, publication, distribution or other communication to the public of the whole, or part of, any image whether by printing, photography, slide projection (whether or not to an audience), xerography, artist’s illustration, layout or presentation, or by electronic, internet, multimedia, digital or mechanical means or by any other means, unless permission is first obtained IN WRITING from the Local Transport History Library.

In addition you may not modify and re-distribute any image as part of a product and/or service or use or display any image as part of a digital archive and/or reference source or use an image to create obscene, offensive or illegal products and/or services.

Any use of copyright images in a manner not expressly authorised by the Local Transport History Library will be deemed a copyright infringement, entitling the Local Transport History Library to pursue all rights available to it under copyright laws in the UK and elsewhere. The Local Transport History Library reserves the right to charge our standard reproduction fee (our current STANDARD REPRODUCTION FEE is £15) for any unauthorised use of such material in any printed or electronic format and in addition we will seek the removal of such material from publication or display in electronic format including, but not necessarily confined to, requesting that any such website be taken down by its ISP until such time as due remedy has been obtained and in receipt of assurance that no further transgression of our rights will occur.

By submitting an order, you acknowledge having read these terms and conditions and agree to be bound thereby.