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The Local Transport History Library is a social history website established for reference and educational purposes. You can download any of our PDF booklets and save them to start your own library. All our publications are constantly updated and contain all the information currently available and are readable on any PC, laptop, Apple or Android device with the Adobe reader. All publications are produced by the Local Transport History Library with the goodwill and co-operation of many individuals and organisations without whom this website would not be possible.

Recent Publications

Visitors since the site opened on
1st November 2014


Tyneside Tramways & Tramroads Co. Ltd.


Illustrated Fleet History and Listing. 28 pages.

The Rowe Hillmaster
PSV Chassis Production


Illustrated History.
10 pages.

Additional information, corrections and photographs are always welcome. Our general email address is: lth.library@gmail.com.

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