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General History
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Coach Builders

PDF-011-1: H.V. Burlingham 1928-1963. Illustrated history. 26 pages.
PDF-012-2: H.V. Burlingham - A Flock of Seagulls - The Story of Burlingham’s ‘Seagull’ coach body. Illustrated history.
PDF-012-2: 2nd edition. By Neville Mercer. 22 pages.

PDF-199-1: Duple Motor Bodies Ltd 1919-1989. Illustrated history. 29 pages.

PDF-129-1: Lesser Known Coachbuilders. Brief Histories. Illustrated. 39 pages.
PDF-129-1: Includes Allsop; Bartle; Eaton; Bence; Longwell Green; Mulliners; Whitson
PDF-147-1: Lesser Known Coachbuilders 2. Brief Histories. Illustrated. 27 pages.
PDF-147-1: Includes Applewhite; Barnards; Grose; Gurney Nutting; Picktree; Wilks & Meade

PDF-107-1: Lesser Known Coachbuilders 3. Brief Histories. Illustrated. 41 pages.
PDF-107-1: Includes Associated Coachbuilders; Air Dispatch; Bruce Coach Works; Metalcraft; Lydney; Mumford  

PDF-173-1: Strachans (Coachbuilders) Ltd. 1894-1974. A Brief History. Illustrated. 29 pages.

PDF-031-1: W. L. Thurgood (Coachbuilders) Ltd. 1925 - 1967. Illustrated history. 17 pages.

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